Integrating Fennel With Grafana

You can easily plot metrics exposed by Fennel on your own Grafana dashboards by adding it as a Metric Data Source in Grafana. Here is how to do it:

Setting up Grafana

  1. Choose a name for the data source (e.g. Fennel Prod). Diagram
  2. Add the Prometheus Server URL as https://<your-cluster-url>
  3. Enable Basic Auth, set User as username. Contact Fennel support to get the password.
  4. Save the data source

Dashboard Template

You can use the following Grafana Dashboard configuration for an out-of-the-box setup (and modify them subsequently as required).

  1. Create a dashboard by using Import option under New button Diagram
  2. Paste this JSON file
  3. Select the Prometheus data source name as selected above in the integration Diagram

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