Integrating Fennel With Datadog

Fennel metrics can be exported to Datadog simply by pointing it to scrape from the Fennel's OpenMetrics compatible metric endpoint. Here is how to do that:

  1. The path of the metrics endpoint is /api/v1/metrics. So typically full URL will be https://<your>.<cluster> Note this down to be used in later steps.
  2. Visit Fennel console, go to Settings -> Role and create a Fennel role that doesn't have any permissions attached to it - we will use it to read metrics. Note that reading metrics in Fennel requires valid token for authentication but doesn't need any permissions for authorization, which is why we are attaching no permissions to this role. Diagram
  3. Create a service account with the role created in the previous step. Diagram
  4. Issue a token for the service account created in the previous step. Diagram
  5. Copy the token and keep it handy, as it’s required in future steps Diagram
  6. Run a Datadog agent that has network access to Fennel's VPC. You can run a Datadog agent explicitly to monitor Fennel or you can also use an already running Datadog agent.
  7. Configure the agent from the previous step to ingest metrics from Fennel's metric endpoint by editing the OpenMetrics configuration file, which comes along with Datadog Agent and are usually found in the agent configuration directory. In that directory, find a file named openmetrics.d/conf.yaml and add the following content (while substituting the URL and the token from steps 1 & 5):
    2 # The endpoint to ingest metrics from
    3 - openmetrics_endpoint: <metric URL from step 1>
    4     # List of metrics - we will scrape all metrics starting with fennel
    5     metrics:
    6     - fennel*
    7     # Optional prefix to prepend to all metrics, can be anything (as below)
    8     # but recommended to use name of Fennel environment like "prod" or "dev"
    9     namespace: "openai"
    10     headers:
    11         Authorization: 'Bearer <auth-token from step 5>'


  8. After modifying the configuration, restart the Datadog agent. Fennel metrics should start appearing on the Datadog metrics page and look something like this: Diagram
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