Core Technologies

While Fennel has innovated at several layers of abstraction and software stack, it would not have been possible if it wasn't standing on the shoulders of the giants.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of core technologies leverage by Fennel:

  • Client is written in Python and backend is primarily written in Rust with heavy reliance on Tokio's async runtime
  • Postgres as the central metadata store (but doesn't store any customer data)
  • RedPanda for all in-flow data. All streaming jobs read from and write to RedPanda
  • RocksDB for all at-rest data storage
  • Pulumi for provisioning of infrastructure as code
  • Kubernetes for maintaining the lifecycle of all running services
  • Protocol buffers as data exchange formats and GRPC for writing services
  • Pandas is used as the dataframe interface between the server and the user written Python code

We, the team behind Fennel, are grateful to developer communities behind all these for producing such high quality software.

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