Built by the creators of ML Infrastructure at Facebook.

Fennel is an ex-Facebook/Google team on a mission to enable companies and teams of any size to harness realtime machine learning to build delightful products for their customers.

Headshot of Nikhil Garg

Nikhil Garg

Co-Founder & CEO

Ex-Facebook · Ex-Quora

Headshot of Abhay Bothra

Abhay Bothra

Co-Founder & CTO

Ex-ThoughtSpot · Ex-Facebook

Headshot of Mohit Reddy

Mohit Reddy

Co-Founder & Engineer

Ex-Google Brain · Ex-Google Cloud

Headshot of Aditya Nambiar

Aditya Nambiar

Co-Founder & Engineer

Ex-Facebook · Ex-Google Research

Headshot of Ryan Horner

Ryan Horner



Headshot of Peeyush Bhatt

Peeyush Bhatt



Headshot of Luke Smetham

Luke Smetham



Headshot of Rahul Khanna

Rahul Khanna


Ex-Sumo Logic

Headshot of Sai Harsha Vellanki

Sai Harsha Vellanki


Ex-Rippling · Ex-Uber

Headshot of Hoang Phan

Hoang Phan


Ex-Faire · Ex-Google

Headshot of Balajinaidu V

Balajinaidu V



Headshot of Nitin Bansal

Nitin Bansal


Ex-Epifi · Ex-CureFit

Backed by Top VCs & Angels

Headshot of Neha Narkhede

Neha Narkhede

Co-Founder & Board Member at Confluent · Creator of Kafka

Headshot of Adam D'Angelo

Adam D'Angelo

Founder & CEO, Quora · Ex-CTO Facebook

Headshot of Ajeet Singh

Ajeet Singh

2x Unicorn Founder · Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, ThoughtSpot

Headshot of John Hegeman

John Hegeman

VP Ads & Business Products, Facebook

Headshot of Anantha Kancherla

Anantha Kancherla

AI Platform Engineering, Facebook · ex-VP of Engineering, Lyft

Headshot of Mikhail Parakhin

Mikhail Parakhin

CEO, Advertising & Web Services, Microsoft · Ex-Yandex CTO

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