We are starting a Fireside Chat series (over zoom) with ML Leaders from top tech companies. Our first talk is on Wed 5/25 4pm PST with Dr Xavier Amatriain (from Netflix, Quora, Curai) on the topic of “Jumpstarting ML In Organizations”. Join us to hear Xavier’s perspective and ask him your specific questions.


Ever since we started publishing posts on this blog, we have heard from many terrific readers about the state of ML in their organizations.

We heard from some people whose organizations don’t do any ML today, and so they want to jump-start it. But they don’t how to get started because they are intimidated by the sheer complexity of this decision and its implementation. We also heard from many people who are already doing powerful ML in their teams but want to take it to the next level by experimenting with more sophisticated and state of the art techniques.

To help answer these and many more questions, we are augmenting this blog with a Fireside Chat series in which we will discuss your questions with ML Leaders of top tech companies.

And I’m proud to share that Xavier Amatriain will be joining us for the inaugural fireside on Wednesday 25th at 4PM PST (calendar invite) about Jumpstarting ML in Organizations.

Xavier Amatriain has had a long and decorated career in ML. He has been building and running ML teams from long before it became the shiny hot thing it is today. After a stellar career in academia, he built/ran ML teams at Netflix (2011-2015), was VP of engineering at Quora (2015-2017), and is now the Co-founder/CTO of Curai, an ML-based healthcare company. He has given hundreds of influential talks on ML across all the top ML conferences.

This will be an interactive Zoom chat where you will be able to ask Xavier your questions on a variety of topics, including but not limited to jumpstarting ML in an organization.


We love hearing from our readers about all sorts of topics related to Machine Learning. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally on LinkedIn or via email ([email protected]) if you want to chat about anything.