Troubleshooting Guide

I am having issues in connecting my MySQL DB to Fennel

Some users have reported that they could not connect to Amazon RDS MySQL or MariaDB. This can be diagnosed with the error message: Cannot create a PoolableConnectionFactory. To solve this issue please set **jdbc_params ** to **** enabledTLSProtocols=TLSv1.2

I am running into schema issues while creating my pipelines

To debug this issue you can print the schema of the intermediate datasets in your pipeline. You can do this by adding calling the .schema() method on the dataset.

1filtered_ds = activity.filter(lambda df: df["action_type"] == "report")

I am getting null results for my features during extract_features call

It might be helpful to print the current data that is stored in the datasets that you are using to extract features. You can do this by calling : client.get_dataset_df(dataset_name) and printing the resultant dataframe.

Please note that this debug functionality is only available in the mock client. To debug issues in prod, you need to use the metadata APIs exposed by Fennel.

Another possibility is that the timestamps for the datasets are equal to or ahead of the current time. Since fennel ensures that everything is point in time correct, this can result in null values for the features.